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In Brief

GHF Forum

As part of our traditional role of facilitating connections and generating and sharing information, GHF has created the GHF Forum to be a home for the entire Gifted Learning Community. To join the GHF Forum for free, register here. The GHF Forum is a social media platform. We want you to make connections, share your stories, and provide support for each other and yourselves. There are plenty of groups to join or make to congregate on particular issues and communities. The GHF Forum includes a Resource Library, which is sorted by topic and contains social media type links for each resource. You are encouraged to post links and comment as reviews on these topics.  To join the GHF Forum for free, register here.

GHF Choices Family Membership

If you are interested in going the next step and becoming a GHF Choices Family Member, it costs $49.99 per year. To help you justify the cost, there is a membership discount program that more than covers that fee along with the GHF Expert Series, where we interview members of the Gifted Learning Community. We do three interviews per month of Gifted Community Professionals, Educators, and Veteran Parents. The library is open to you, and you get to participate in the conversations. If you would like to become a member, then register here. 

Statement of Inclusion

Everyone from all parts of the Gifted Learning Community is welcome. Our commitment is to invite everyone into the Forum and interview a wide diversity of people and backgrounds for our series. Your engagement is needed to meet this commitment. Please invite members of all communities to engage in the Forum. Be yourselves and share your culturally relevant information. The Forum is as diverse and inclusive as we all make it.

If you would like to be active in the GHF Inclusion Project, please join this group. This link will work after you join the GHF Forum.

About Us

GHF Families are pioneers in homeschooling. Our community started out of the need to create learning environments for our children to thrive. Fifteen years later, our experienced community spans multiple generations. The heart of GHF is a steady influx of new families seeking help. Gifted and 2E families have built an infrastructure for ourselves to be in charge of our lives and to develop our own sense of agency.

GHF’s (Gifted Homeschoolers Forum®) community is the result of volunteer families collectively working together to develop family agency. Most families were and are reluctant to make these changes. We come together and share resources, seek and receive information, and build the next generation of veteran families that are here to support the newcomers.

Our new generation of families is now learning that educating our children is about choosing from a wide palette of options that start with families taking control. It doesn’t have to mean pulling children totally out of school anymore either unless that is what you want to do. It’s about your choices.


Why Join The GHF Forum?

The GHF Forum is a free online community where we provide you with a social media experience all your own.

  • In The GHF Forum, we have areas for you to form your own connections by interest and geography.
  • There are regularly scheduled online coffee chats so that families can come together for visits to share with other parents who are going through similar things.
  • You are invited to use and engage with GHF's crowdsourcing project to share resources that the gifted community requires.

Our perspective is to empower you to make your own choices about how to support the educational needs of your family.

What is the GHF Choices Membership Bundle?

GHF Family Membership

The GHF Family Membership is designed to provide you with added benefits such as the GHF Expert Series and a collection of membership discounts that could ease the financial burden of parenting a gifted child.

GHF Expert Series

The GHF Expert Series was created to engage our community through discussions with experts in a variety of fields as applicable to the gifted experience. We interview Educators, Professionals, and Veteran Parents to ask, "How do you homeschool gifted children?" GHF gives you the chance to connect with Professionals, Educators, and Veteran Homeschool Parents to answer your concerns, to hear their experiences directly from them, and to know that there are many solutions out there. We help you to find the information that you need.

GHF Expert Series: Professionals

Carol Malueg interviews professionals from the gifted community who work in a variety of fields supporting gifted individuals and homeschooling gifted children.

GHF Expert Series: Educators

Barry Gelston interviews education professionals from the gifted community targeting different specialties, age groups, and cultures.

GHF Expert Series: Parents

Pinpin Wei interviews veteran parents homeschooling gifted children from the gifted community discussing Been There, Done That topics and how do you homeschool your child.

GHF Membership Discounts

GHF has developed $1,000s of discounts for you to use with vendors offering to support GHF by giving you discounts on their goods and services.

Gifted Homeschoolers Forum® 

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