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Every month GHF offers free live events in the Forum.  

  • GHF Conversations - This is our version of providing miniature conferences throughout the year.  We invite two guest speakers targeted at issues of importance for our community. We call these conversations because we provide the space and interaction to engage with the speakers and each other. 
  • GHF Expert Series Interviews - Every month, Barry Gelston interviews leaders in the community. In the webinar format, leaders share their passions and interests, leading up to the important work that they do for our community. You are invited to ask questions and be part of the conversation. 
  • GHF Annual Conference - The first weekend of June, our community comes together for education, connection, and sharing. We have three days of presenters supporting the needs of families engaged in Gifted Home Education. Gifted Home Education can take many shapes and forms from pure homeschooling to families integrating their own programming while also using institutions as partners. At the core of the three days is the GHF Mission to empower every gifted family to make strategic, proactive, and intentional educational choices.
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About Us


To empower every gifted family to make strategic, proactive, and intentional educational choices.


A diverse world of multi-generational families, educators, and professionals supporting each other through community, education, and creating content relating to gifted home education.


Empowering gifted families to make strategic, proactive, and intentional educational choices.


GHF values the uniqueness and humanity of each person in our community. We treat each other with love and kindness and particularly abhor bullying and negativity of any kind. We accept that it is our job to examine each day with a fresh perspective and continue to improve the organization to pursue our mission.

Statement of Inclusion 

Everyone from all parts of the Gifted Learning Community is welcome. Our commitment is to invite everyone into the Forum and interview a wide diversity of people and backgrounds for our series. Your engagement is needed to meet this commitment. Please invite members of all communities to engage in the Forum. Be yourselves and share your culturally relevant information. The Forum is as diverse and inclusive as we all make it.

GHF® is a 501c3 non-profit organization that is run by volunteers.